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24k Gold Skincare Pack

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24k Gold Skin care pack is the champion of luxurious organic skin care. The pack consists of unique 4 Organic 24k Gold Skincare products, which are apt to detoxify the skin and work as an anti–inflammation. Doubtless, that the skin care pack brightens and uplifts the skin owing to the unique blend of Europe’s certified 24K Gold 985 and organic herbs. 

The pack owes its inspiration to Cleopatra, the pure 24k Gold Skincare Pack products are wonderful for calming and equalizing the skin. Stimulating the new skin cells’ growth, the products helps in maintaining the skin elasticity through elastin breakdown reduction.

Weight: 700 g
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The functional aspects of exclusive blend of organic herbs with 24K Gold 985, the 24k Gold Skincare Products rejuvenates the skin texture. Even the skin brightens, becomes calm and equalized. As the elastin breakdown is reduced, the new cells’ growth is stimulated and the skin remains elastic. The products are the perfect anti-inflammatory for the skin, so the skin is detoxified.

The four products in the pack are –

  • 24k Gold Cleansing Lotion 125 ml for skin cleansing and moisturizing. It is best for make-up removal, and for the sensitive skin to remain calm and be purified. The lotion is composed of exotic blend of natural ingredients that are of purest quality. The ingredients include the certified 24k Gold powder, flowers, fresh herbs, essential oils and plant oils. Suitable for all types of skin, the lotion imparts the skin with a cleansed, refreshed and clear feel. 
  • Organic 24k Gold Face Mask 100g to get rid of the impurities and revitalizes the skin. The facemask is synergistic blend of ingredients that defy the age and imparts a radiant look. It adds maximum nutrition to the skin for replenishing and rejuvenating the skin texture. Rather, the face mask is awesome for toning and firming the skin. The wrinkles and fine lines recede. Scarring is lessened, skin is blemished, collagen is increased, and skin elasticity is improved. Best for the sensitive skin, it works as a perfect anti–inflammatory.
  • 24k Gold Face Mist 50ml smoothens the wrinkles and fine lines, while the skin tone is hydrated, rejuvenated and brightened. The skin ultimately retains its charming youthful glow. It comprises of a combined Certified 24k Gold 999.99, organic botanical herbs and organic hyaluronic acid. The mist is wonderful for restoring and uplifting the aging skin by fostering epidermal density improvement. The ultimate results are due to the amount of moisture stored in each skin cell.
  • 24k Gold Anti-Wrinkle Serum 50ml works to moisturize, hydrate and nourish the skin to reward it with a youthful look. The immense richness of Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, organic rosehip seed oil, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, organic aloe vera pulp, certified 24k gold, and hyaluronic acid holds tones the skin through the tightening effect. Even the dark circles, crow’s feet and wrinkles present under the eyes start to disappear.

Advantages of 24k Gold in overall skincare

  • Calming and equalising the skin’s electrical energy for the delicate face areas
  • Aids in anti aging.
  • Stimulates new skin cells’ growth to maintain skin elasticity by elastic breakdown reduction.
  • Improves collagen production that is a vital skin tissue protein.
  • Prevents pigmentation and removes the age spots by slowing down melanin secretion that is darkening pigment.
  • Being anti–inflammatory, the skin is detoxified and skin cells regenerate.
  • Alleviates skin problems like fungal infections, burns, rashes, and eczema.

Certified Gold Quality

We are known for sourcing the purest quality 24k gold that is medically grade which are made from using the pure and natural certified 24k Gold powder. There are no synthetic agents, preservatives, biotechnological origins, and toxic metals like cadmium, lead, nickel.
The particle sizes are less than 600 microns. Moreover, we manufacture 24k Gold 999.99 in our own laboratory. 

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